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The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : Solar power on your bag

The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : Solar power on your bag

U. Suren Vikash of Thunk in India with the solar charger back packs developed by him, in Coimbatore, on Friday. —Photo: K. Ananthan
U. Suren Vikash of Thunk in India with the solar charger back packs developed by him, in Coimbatore, on Friday. —Photo: K. Ananthan
For those on the move, recharging their mobile phone or tablet computer is made easier by Thunk in India. The product developed by it is wealth generated out of not just waste but also from green power.
A company that was started in December 2008 has a design studio here, Thunk in has developed back packs and sling bags made of rubber tubes. These have solar panels connected to batteries. The battery can be used to recharge mobile phones or tablet computers in the bag.
U. Suren Vikash, product designer at Thunk in, told The Hindu on Saturday that Thunk in develops products from materials that cannot be recycled. For instance, it launched two years ago bags woven with fabric made of polythene covers. Then it came out with back packs and sling bags made out of rubber tubes.
Now, after six months of conceptualisation, design, and product development, Thunk in has launched solar-powered bags.
Solar panels (six watt each) that are imported from Japan are attached to the bags. The bags are designed in such a way that the panels are exposed to direct sunlight when the bags are carried outdoors. The panel is connected to a 5,500 mAh battery in the bag. This recharges the mobile phone or tablet that is kept inside.
Thunk in usually launches one or two collection of products a year. It plans to make 1,000 back packs and 1,000 slings bags with the solar panels.
Some of its earlier products were sold through select retail outlets.
It has started accepting orders online on its website from customers in India and abroad for the solar bags. It will also be able to take up bulk orders from institutions. “We will be able to deliver the products in August – September. The response has been encouraging so far,” he says.

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U.S. Solar Industry Posts Solid Q1 With 506 MW Installed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh No, Not Another Renewable Energy Conference!

You might have about REaction 2012, the renewable energy meet organized by EAI and to be held in Chennai, Jul 26/27 ( )

If you are telling yourself, ”Oh No, Not another Renewable Energy Conference”, Hang on…

Other Renewable Energy Events Tell You What Everyone Already Knows

REaction 2012 Lets You Know of Opportunities that Few Know Today

Ask Yourself if You Knew the Following

Energy efficiency products and services present a MUCH LARGER opportunity for SMEs than the entire solar power industry.
A product called the Back-pressure steam turbine could be used in thousands of manufacturing units to utilize wasted heat and pressure in steam, and has a payback period of just one year. The market for this product alone in India is about 5000 crores per annum
India requires over 250,000 skilled professionals in renewable energy by 2020. Less than 1% of this number is available in the country. Can you imagine the business opportunity for training and knowledge solutions that this represents?
Did you know that the market for solar products such as solar lanterns and solar streetlights is as large as the solar power plants?
Have you heard of the concept of Upcycling? This is a more powerful extension of recycling. While recycling transforms a waste material into its original form, Upcycling transforms the waste material into a product that is FAR MORE valuable than the original product. This is an exciting green opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.
Did you know that the opportunities for IT and Software industry in Indian renewable energy and clean technology are already a billion dollar opportunity?
India could become the world’s second largest electric scooter consumer in the world in just three years from now? Electric scooters currently form just 1% of the total two wheeler market in India, and there are only a handful of strong competitors in this market.
An energy efficiency solution for Indian data centers alone is a Rs 850 crore market.
Algae-based biofuels represent the only known possibility for replacing all of the world’s oil with bio-based fuels. And India represents the best place to grow algae owing to the abundant sunshine large land areas available, and economical labour costs.
In Green Buildings, there are significant opportunities available for about 20 diverse industries. Can you believe it? This includes industries such as furniture, steel, software development, doors and windows, energy auditors, architects, solar panel makers, cooling system providers, organic farm product suppliers, waste management companies, manufacturers of smart energy meters and more
If you thought fuel cells are still in research stage in the Indian context, here’s some news for you. Some telecom towers in India have already started piloting fuel cell based energy generation. Given that fuel cells have a wide range of applications – from telecom towers to transport to various small-scale industrial applications, the potential for success for an early mover in this field is not hard to imagine.

Fuel cells, back pressure steam turbines, renewable energy training, electric scooters, upcycling, software opportunities, algae fuels, green buildings…

Don’t you agree that you are looking at a NEW, NEW WORLD? A world you have not seen before?

Become a delegate at REaction 2012. Get to know opportunities beyond solar and wind power plants.

REaction 2012 will be held at Chennai, Jul 26 & 27, 2012

Talk to Karthik – 09944667345, , he will help you get onboard

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Free Seminar in Chennai on 'Diesel to Renewables'

Is your company keen on finding a solution to replace diesel or furnace oil with sustainable and renewable energy sources? The D2R Interactive Seminar is a Must Attend for you.

Replacing diesel with more sustainable sources is the need of the hour. All Indian companies know this – they have been using high cost, high polluting diesel as a back-up power source for a long time.

It is in this background that the REaction 2012 team at EAI is organizing the first ever Diesel to Renewable
Interactive Seminar in Chennai, on Jun 23, at Palmgrove Hotel, between 10 AM and 1 PM.

• The event will have an interactive presentation from EAI on the potential and possibilities for companies to shift from diesel to renewable energy sources.
• The event will also have experts from the solar and biomass power industries provide details on how these renewable sources could partially or fully replace diesel for power generation.
• Finally, the event will have a networking session where the delegates can network with experts from the industry.

We expect over 150 industry professionals and renewable energy experts to attend this important event.
All industry professionals, academicians, researchers and policy makers keen on understanding the trends and opportunities in the diesel to renewable energy sources are invited to attend this seminar.
Entry to the seminar is free, but as seats are limited, allocation will be on a FCFS basis. We request you to send in your request for invitation to with the term D2R in the subject line.
This seminar is conducted as part of REaction 2012, India’s largest renewable energy networking meet, to be held in Chennai, Jul 26/27. More about REaction 2012 from here –

EAI is organizing a free seminar in Chennai, Jun 23rd (Sat), 10 AM – 1 PM on avenues for companies to shift from diesel to renewable energy sources.

Experts from EAI and renewable energy industry will share their inputs. Organized as part of REaction 2012, India’s largest renewable energy event.

Interested? Talk to Muthukrishnan – , 09952910083.

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