Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bangaloreans, get ready for 'Rock the Sun' concert

After grooving to DJ David Guetta’s music, Bangalore is now gearing up to ‘rock the sun’ all thanks to Swizz designer Cédric Carles’ innovation. The city will witness a music concert that is powered by solar energy and we get Cédric to tell you about the show… “3S, a mobile sound unit that I have put together will be used to support the concert. The unit can be operated without using the electric grid as it is completely dependent on solar energy.”
The battery that needs to be charged for three-four hours comes with a 10-hour back up. “What’s more is that we can use it even as it is getting charged,” add French musicians Eric and Marylise, of the band Vialka, who will be performing at the concert.
The concert is an environmental awareness initiative and it couldn’t be better timed given that 2012 has been declared the ‘International year of sustainable energy’. “Environmental concerns are increasing with each passing day and I thought what better way than music to have today’s youth warm up to the idea of renewable energy resources,” says Cédric. He is meeting up with several musicians and DJs to explain the concept as well. The unit can be used for presentations and lectures too. “I am now thinking of adding a projector to the unit to support the screening of films,” he adds. 3S that takes a little over ten minutes to assemble is ideal for a gathering of 100 people. “This is my first attempt at amalgamating art, technology and social cause so, I have built a system with a small capacity. I will update the unit soon,” adds Cédric. For future use, 3S will be placed at Jaaga, a community space dedicated to local art, culture and technology.
Cédric will next be travelling to Japan for a similar cause. “I generally modify the design of the unit by making use of local resources to make sure that it suits the needs of the respective cities,” he adds. The concept has already gained popularity in Switzerland, France, Haiti, Greece, Italy and Brazil. It is endorsed by the United Nations Foundation. In India, Swissnex, a global network that focuses on the growth of science and technology, is supporting the cause. Wanting to have the final word, Cédric says, “We are here to share the fact that solar energy is just a starting point from where many ideas can be explored!”
Rock the Sun concert is at 7.30pm, this evening at Alliance Francaise, Vasanthnagar. Entry is free for all.

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