Friday, April 12, 2013

6 Solar Workshops at One Event - Chennai, May 9 -11

Narasimhan Santhanam
Cofounder & Director – EAI & Program Coordinator – RENERGY 2013 ;

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I hope you are finding EAI Daily interesting and useful. I just thought I’d share with you details of an interesting solar workshop series EAI is coordinating.

As you will know, EAI is working together along with TEDA (Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency) to bring out the next edition of RENERGY 2013, which will be one of the largest and most productive renewable energy events in the country.

The conference part of the event will be unlike any other renewable energy conference. The unique aspect of the conference will be the solar power workshops held on all days of the 3 day conference. In all, there will be six solar power workshops, each for about 1.5 hours. Together, these will provide practical inputs and guidance on the following aspects of solar power:
  1. Rooftop solar
  2. Grid connected solar power plants
  3. Choosing the right EPCs
  4. SPO – concepts and way forward
  5. Opportunities for small and medium businesses in solar power
  6. Details of the various state solar policies and their implications to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs
These workshops will be conducted by companies that have had many years and 100s of MWs of implementation expertise in solar PV power plants. EAI, with its partners, will also be conducting a special session providing detailed inputs on the business and commercial aspects of solar power plants.

I am confident that these workshops will be of immense use to anyone connected with the Indian solar power sector.

Should you be interested in registering for these workshops (which just requires a registration for RENERGY Conference), talk to Sindhu – or SMS “RE13” to Sindhu.
The three day workshop series (along with the rest of the RENERGY 2013 conference & networking sessions) cost just Rs 5000.

More details about RENERGY 2013 conference from 
I look forward to your presence at these workshops.

Narasimhan Santhanam
Cofounder & Director – EAI & Program Coordinator – RENERGY 2013 ;

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